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Alafia River State Park is located in southeastern Hillsborough County, about 30 miles southeast of Tampa. It consists of 6,312 acres. Recreational opportunities include camping, fishing, canoeing, and picnicking. A network of 40 miles of trails offer horseback riding, hiking, and some of the best off-road/mountain bicycling in the state. Seasonally Alafia River State Park offers bicycle races. This park is open 365 days a year.


The Alafia River State Park trail system is one of the most favored off-road biking choices in Florida, offering more than 20 miles of single track trails. Riders travel from all over the state to ride this collection of rolling terrain, harrowing drops, off-camber hillside ledges, high speed banked turns, and intimidating ridge top trails. These trails are built on the rugged terrain of what was once a phosphate mining site, which helps form the park’s unique trail features. The three easiest (green) trails are connected together to form the “Easy Loop” – an eight mile, one-way trip. Follow the “Easy Loop” signs for: River Loop to Rock Garden to Sand Pine. These trails have minimum elevation changes and easy access from the trailhead parking area. All three trails are designed to accommodate children with small bikes and can be ridden with city bikes. The intermediate (blue) sections are Bridges, North Creek, and Roller Coaster. These are really fun trails with lots of medium-sized hills, from short and steep to more gradual, for speedy downhills. There are several very challenging optional sections along the blue trails (for experienced riders) and the sudden drops, climbs, twists, and turns are just plain fun to ride. Alafia trails offer an enjoyable and challenging experience for riders of all abilities.
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